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  • eBook Maker
  • Write an eBook with this app. Great for people who want to be an eBook writer for the first time. Pro version will be on sale in Feb or March. It supports the landscape view for iPad.

    You can design the front cover of your book by using eBook Cover Creator or send JPG format image file from your computer to iPhone or iPad.
    eBook Maker
  • eBook maker first page
  • Edit titles, text and chapters
  • Write or edit text
  • Add chapters
  • eBook Maker first page


    First, press the plus button. Then write title, sub-title and the name of the writer. (You can leave out the sub-title) Write and send your book to iBooks to check how it looks on iBooks application. If there are any mistakes, you cannot open the book on iBooks. Be sure to erase the previous data of the book whenever you send the latest data of the same book.

    Add a new book
    Open the instruction manual
    Send your book to iBooks
    Transfer the book by e-mail
    Erase the book

    Edit tiles, text and chapters

    Write or edit text


    Write or edit text. This is how to write html to the text.

    <h2 id=“sec-1”>Chapter 1<h2>
    <h2 id=“sec-2”>Chapter 2<h2>
    <h2 id=“sec-3”>Chapter 3<h2>

    Write text or edit the text
    Save the data
    Press ③ to copy and paste <h2 id=“sec-2”><h2>
    Press ④ to copy the whole pages

    Add chapters


    To add chapters, write HTML under <a href=“chapter1.xhtml”>Your book title</a> like the example below.

    <li><a href=“chapter1.xhtml#sec-1”>Chapter 1</a></li>
    <li><a href=“chapter1.xhtml#sec-2”>Chapter 2</a></li>
    <li><a href=“chapter1.xhtml#sec-3”>Chapter 3</a></li>

    Add chapters
    Save the data
    Press ③, then paste <ol></ol> to the text
    Press ④, then paste <li><a href=“chapter1.xhtml#sec-1”></a></li> to the text

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